It’s Simple.
In fact, readymix concrete is a very inexpensive product. Thus, we decided to design our sheds and door system to allow us to pour the concrete after the shed is built. In other words, giving you, the customer, the best value on the market today. In short, all we require is that the ground where the shed will be built is level, solid ground. Finally, we always use a concrete company in your locality (i.e. Roadstone or Kilsaran).
In fact, Finnish Sheds offer a 20 year guarantee with all of our sheds. This does not apply to rust perforation in coastal areas.
No, we have set prices. Hence, from Donegal to Waterford our prices stay the same.
Yes. For instance, doors can be put anywhere on your shed to suit you.
All sheds are available in mushroom (cream), brown, grey, green, black and woodgrain. To clarify, with any combination possible.
Yes the plate system that sets in the concrete is such that we can move it if necessary
Therefore, this allows us to move the shed, leaving the concrete base behind.
All of our sheds are erected in a matter of hours so by mid-afternoon we pour the concrete base.
We recommend a 5 day drying time for the concrete but it can be walked on the next day (i.e. light traffic only)
Yes, We can build any shed to a size that meets your requirements.
Windows can be supplied at an additional cost. Prices are subject to size.
You just need to decide on the size, colour, door & window options and give us a call.